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Evening mummies &Doctors in d aous.....My 6weeks old baby vomit anytime we gave him Cereal....( sorry I mean milk..)Wat could be d problem pls help me out.....
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Goodluck Donald
@Osezele, I mean milk ma...... Nan 1
Mummy David
@Funke26547, ah. Eru ti ba mi. He clearly dsnt like nan. Dt was my palava with my son & nan. Pls try another one as others hv suggested. Buy a cheap one first. Dont goan buy Aptamil & d boy will react otherwise. U cn look fr thrive signature, cow&gate(junior), nutriben formula(its new in d mkt). After u r sure he has adjusted,change to a richer one like aptamil
Goodluck Donald
@Osezele, ok ma ... Eshey gah nii ooo
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