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Good evening doctors and mummy's in the house... I need to know after delivering through c/s what one can do to make the tommy go down even if it might not go back to the way it use to be but not it looking like 3 to 4 month pregnancy.... Really do need your response and also know i just delivered on Thursday, when can one begin... Thanks everyone.
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Bello Oluwatobiloba
I had d same experience en I had to tlk to my husband en he perfectly me it will go down though mine is nt totally down bt Dere is a big change in me nw...en it's still going down..,,,wake up in d morning en take hot water b4 u slip do same....kip up with ur doc, wen u c ur body ain't feeling much pain again do situp bt dnt push it just small small...u will c changes bt don't push urself so d stitches won't be affected....
Happinezz Ojogbane Ekele
Oh thank you all really do appreciate
Excercise,the videos r on you tube,postpartum excersice,it's hard but it helps...
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