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Good day Docs and Moms please I need your advice on some questions. 1) I just had a miscarriage n evacuation, apart from folic acid what else can I take?2) I'm thinking of seeing a gynecologist because have had miscarriage twice now so as to avoid having it the third time or what do you think?3) Do you know any good gynecologist I can meet with? I live at agbara close to badagry express way.Thanks so much.
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Omoyeni Ibk
Dont bother urself, recurrent miscarriage is nt a big deal as long as u do d right thing, u ll carry ur child
@Deola12, thanks so much. Last year Oct and dis April. Blood flow.
@Ibk10632, thanks so much. Wil go to general hospital to carry out all d examinations. Am grateful
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