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Good day Docs & Mums please I need your help. Pardon me with the long story.After 2 miscarriages I went to see a gynecologist. He adviced to do pelvic scan, hsg n hormonal profile. D first 2 came out normal BT ve not done d last one. I was told to come bk for it. He gave me metformin n clomid to take. But DAT d clomid should come a day after my period. I started taking d metformin on d 13th last Tuesday n started d clomid on d 19th of dis month. On dat Monday in d afternoon I noticed I felt dizzy n my body was shaking n also I was having slight headache. I called him n He told me to stop d metformin BT since DAT Monday especially in d evening if I dont quickly eat my body will just start shaking. Please I don't know wat d challenge is. Help me. Thanks.
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Mrs Oluoma
I feel you need to ask your daughter why he gave u metformin, apart from it lowers blood sugar for diabetic patients , it's given to PCOS patient(polycystic ovation syndrome). I hear it helps them conceive and also keep the baby for women with history of miscarriage. When I was going that drug then, if I don't eat, it usually seems like am going blind, everywhere turns white. I had to stop taking it. So just see your doctor and know exactly why he gave you that drug.
Mrs Oluoma
Ask your Doctor I meant*
Mrs Oluoma
Pls pardon my English, this my phone is something else. I meant polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS
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