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Gd'morning Docs n mummies in the house. Pls I need ur help , I normally have 29/30days cycle until I took a sachet(30capsules) of pregnacare conception his&her , my period was late for 10day n I had several sympt of preg but I tested negative , now same tin happen for the second month 40days, bf I notice signs of ovulation for 5 days but now I can hardly notice 2days ..Plss wat can I do to go back to 30days cycle and normal ovulation... I am really trying to Conceive ....plssss help me out.
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Amarachi Nnaike
Buy pressed fertility lubricant and use during your fertile days. It worked for me too.
Ok tanx @ Amarachi
Pls .. How much is d preseed n can I get it in any pharmacy?
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