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Happy new month moms n Drs in d house.Plsss.... Hw many of us r trying to conceive and how many has conceived..Pls... Let those wu have successful conceive and those wu have given birth advice us on how to go abt the issue.I believe God is still in the business of giving children ...Plssss..any one wt useful advice should give.Thanxxx . God bless u.
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Mbuotidem Heynri
This was what I did, I first went for a general checkup, then I did enema with 2 leaves that is meant to cool the body system, the next day I started taking folic acid, vit e and omega 3 and followed it with prayers of course, like play like play, the following month, I took in. Actually I was preparing to take in in 5 months time but I took in after 2 months.
@ Heynri... This body cool.... My husband has bn complaining my body is always hot in d night but during d day Tyme it is normal
Tanx Amarachi ...
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