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Good evening lovely moms and docs in the house i believe you all had a great day please i need help on this i am 24wks5days gone but am still yet to see milk in my breast please from what month does breast milk comes out of the breast i want my baby to suck immediately because have seen babies that were given milk because the mother breast was not flowing please is there anything that can be taken to generate breast milk before baby comes out. Please help out thanks.
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Obas Omo
Ehigozie chill till after delivery...jst worry more on cleaning ur nipples.prepare it for sucking n not worrying on seeing breast milk now...if e come out now who go suck am? Ur hubby...pls keep dat tin for delivery dear
Ehizogie Juliet
Lol thanks @obas and rodemary
Ehizogie Juliet
Sorry please typing error rosemary
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