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Good evening lovely mums and docs believe we all are having a sweet weekend relaxation please I need knowledge on how to sterilized baby utensils (baby feeding bottles and other baby feeders) I don't really know what is drop inside the hot water before putting the items inside and how many hours should the sterilization take place.thanks in anticipation of your response.
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Mummy David
@setemi, na. No need. I dont add whenever I use it. But light isnt regular so I just use hot water like dt
Oluwafemi Setemi
@Osezele, OK ma
For electric sterilizer, wash all u bottles n assembly it in d space given ,then lift it up n add water in d silver underneath the plastic ...plug n turn to 5/10 mins to sterilize that's all. You will need more bottles cos of electricity issue n u can also put in a clean pot fill with plenty water to cover d bottles n sterilize for 10mins Remove m put in a clean place for use.
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