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Hello lovely mums and doc, s in the house please am new here and have learned a lot in just few days please am FTM please has regards taking lipton I was told at my antenatal class not to take milo right from my 1st trimester am 23wks+ and have been taking lipton thou with milk inside since am not due yet is there any effect because I saw some here that lipton should only be taken when is close to delivery please help me out should I continue or stop. Thank you.
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Yes diff strokes for diff folks.i also took milo infact cold one to enable me to sleep at nite.but too much of everything isnt good
Okafor Juliet Ezenwa
I took Milo throughout my pregnancy, but don't take lipton. It is not good for the baby
Ehizogie Juliet
Thanks all have really learned a lot
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