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Please Dr and mom help me out before something else happens, my 7 weeks old baby has been having catarrah and cough, went to hospital twice already they say give him vitamins c and am getting frustrated because it's not working for him. Pls help a first time worried mom. Pls urgent reply pls
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Alicia Maxuel
I should have written it down sis coz I can't remember. It was very good and only to be administered one week. The antibiotic is in powder form in the bottle, you pour measured water inside and shake it to turn to liquid. You can ask a doctor in your hospital, it's very good for new born coz of the air and mosquitoes bit
@Katty26285, I guess d antibiotic's name dat mommy Alicia is talking about is aquaclav. I've used it too.
Mrs Ojo
This happened to my baby when she was also exactly 7weeks .....I took her to d hosipatal, she was admitted and given antibiotics. Pls give her antibiotics
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