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Hello mothers,pls,my baby is very fair but then,some part started getting her skin has patches of fair and black.I need advice on how to even out the skin again.she is using Johnson baby lotion and soap.tnx
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Shea butter mix with coconut oil is very good that's Wat I use
I see no reason why we r all trying to brighten up our babies skin. If ur baby is fair d colour will definitely remain fair n if dark there is nothing u can do about it unless u want to torn d skin. Shear butter is good for all types of skin from infant till d baby is over a year cos is true it darken skin. I used just shear butter for my boy till he is a year n 8months n now he isn't using anything at times anointing oil or Vaseline just on his face n he is shinning.
Mabel Innocent
@daniellapearl, coconut oil was making her darker
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