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My seven weeks old baby is very fine but is having difficulty stooling.I'm on exclusive breast feeding n I need advice on how to help her stool easily n more frequently.
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Ajilore Titilope Oyindamola
@destiny you didn't pronounce the camphor correctly,that's why people are misquoting u,its call cafura(not correct spelling) camphor is used as insecticide to drive away ants
Horlorlardey Mystiq
@titlope, fnks .......its cafura dat i want to say, d flat one. @ augustine fnks and mabel, am so sorry for the mistake. Its cafura (d flat one)not camphor( d round one)
Mabel Innocent
Ok.a nurse also told me about d orange juice which I tried n it worked.but it seems she only stools wen I give her orange juice.but I feel better wt all ur responses.tnk u all.God bless u
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