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My baby has stopped eating for close to a week now. She is 10 months, and 3 weeks old.She has catarrh Nd cough.She drinks water well, 2-3 small Nestle water bottles per day.She doesn't even want to taste any meal at all. Before a week ago. She eats well, cereal, pap, semo. Rice,moin moin..etc. but right now, she doesn't want to taste anything at all. Though she is sucking well. Pls what could be wrong?
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Blessing Robson
The baby wants to work.
Ekwuruibe Nelly
@oyindamola, you are right. kids are funny. mine is 9months few day. some days she wil reject foods and i prefers breasrt.its so annoying
Mabela Sontan
@Nelly so so annoying... Shes still not eating. We always fighting when I insist. It's frustrating...
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