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Good evening mums and doctor's in the house. ... Am 9weeks plus ( pregnant) a friend advice i shouldn't sleep with my back or laying down with my tommy facing ground. ( my best position of sleeping) I should always lay with my sides only... And new my sister said i can lay any how i want since is just 9weeks plus pending when i be come 20weeks plus b4 laying the way i was told to. Am confused ... What do u think i should do?
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Obas Omo
Oluwabukola has said my mind o...wen it's time to lie on ur side nobody will tell u...for now u can still enjoy lying on ur stomach till ur body tells u no u can't...wen its time to lie hand not ur right hand side ur body will also still tell u
Nataisha Zury
Ibiwari Kingsley Amadi
@Treasure no symptoms at all o, I was still seeing my period, my tummy wasn't symptoms at all,I had ovarian cyst den n was on medication, had an appointment with my doc, which she asked me to go do a scan to kW d progression of d cyst, and DT was how I kW I was pregnant on the fifth month.
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