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Good morning mums and doctors in the house. Am 19 weeks gone. And I can't feel my baby moving like they say " baby kicking" I have not experience that ... am curious . I want to knw at what month do babys start kicking? Thanks for anticipation
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Okeke Precious
My dear for ftm for some it start at 20 or after 20 for some mummy. But not kick u will feel the movement first then with time he will start kicking. I start feeling my baby movement at 19 weeks plus 3 day. U can even go for scan and scan will show u how the baby move. U may not know that the baby is moving and he is there. Dont panic
Nataisha Zury
@PreciousOnu, okk thanks I will go for the scan
Okeke Precious
During my own is when I went for scan that I know how the baby movement use to be
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