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Good morning mummies and doctors.. Pls am so confused here.. As at Thursday I was having some pains at my lower abdomen so I went to the hospital while with the doctor he calculated d weeks and said am 30weeks nd he requested for a scan to be done to know what was wrong nd when d results came it said d baby's head has come down nd i was 32weeks nd 1day ..really don't know which to take 30wks or 32wks nd 1day ..ftm
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Omoyeni Ibk
Wit my L.M.P and flo app im calculating 35weeks, scan says 36weeks and one day. I believe d scan cos i was on fertility drug before and after my period and i ovulated midnight 7/8 of my cycle dat month.
Mom Diamond
@Ibk10632, please how do you know if you are ovulating?
Omoyeni Ibk
Few days before i do have a thin watery discharge,my body temperature increases,i feel ache on one side or both ovaries, then my discharge changes to egg white consistency.
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