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Mummies and doctors help 21weeks gone nd last week i started itching and with a discharge,i went for my appointment dis week and i was given some drugs nd a cream (mycotin) among the drugs was one i would insert.. Just inserting it this morning i saw blood stains on the applicator... I don't know if it cause for an alarm cos m freaking out now.. I don't want anything to happen to my child please help out
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Olivia Onakpoma
@Chichy16855, ..ok Tnks but Wat did you use or take to stop the itching.. Pls help
Olivia Onakpoma
@Weyinmi23253, I was not able to see d doctor but I hv discontinued d one for inserting nd use only d mycoten cream, haven't seen anything yet but am still itching and am uncomfortable with it pls help out
Chichy Ukay
NNE I didn't use anything just mycoten nd I tried my best not to itch often no matter how my feel. If I notice my pant is wet I just change it.
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