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Mummies and doctors help me out ooo.. I gave birth last nd i had a tear with was stitched now m in great pain don't know what to do or take nd to top it all I have 3 boil growing in there pls help i can't sit properly
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Mummy Anointed
I used ibuprofen and it worked well,also sit in warm water and avoid standing for long periods and walking about.u will be fyn soon dear.
Aminat Odunola Ojeniyi
Hello sis I will advise u not to go near hot all Had same problem after delivery, used hot water for two days and d stitches almost melted away... Take the augumentine Try to do zit bath like four times in a day Find a clean large bowl put water, enough salt inside and disinfectant...then sit inside comfortably for like 20minutes. If u can't do four times do two, but, always go to the bathroom to wash the area with salt n disinfectant inside water has many times as possible in a day,if u wish u can apply Ori(shear butter) after u clean the area gently. That was my remedy, after many consultations and antibiotics.. within a week it was a dramatic change.
Inemesit Udoh Esua
@rinmola, well we are all different, i had a tear and my mum massaged the area with hot water and i did the zit bath after two weeks the area was healed and i was ok
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