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Good morning mothers in the house we thank God for keeping us and our babies. I have a problem I will like to share with you all. My baby is 1years and 2weeks old now, but she has refused to eat solid food without bending it. Rice, beans, indoor all our food expect Garri and soup that she can swallow with ease the rest I would have to blend it. Infact, my blender don hear am. Please what can I do. Even when I eat and try to feed her she will just spit the food out of her mouth.
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@osaretin I thought I was only me. But I do is that I prepare her her with lots of fish and chicken. Making sure the chicken is soft enough. If possible use a pressure pot to cook it then define it add the normal things like fresh tomatoes, carrot then when it's cooked I add my carrot for about a second blend and put in her food flask. She will take that one well maybe you can try it
Omo Nosa
@Oj, please I don't understand the recipe you posted. Did you boil fish, fresh tomatoes and carrot then blend after boiling?
@ Omo. The process for preparing rice for my girl is as follows. Cook your chicken until it's very soft preferably go for soft chicken is easier to cook if y like u can add fresh fish then you debone it properly and put it aside. Grate your carrot and put that aside too. Then cook your rice at the pot when the water is about to dry add your oil sliced fresh tomatoes your chicken / fish or both and allow to cook for 5mins. Then add your carrot just for a second then remove from heat and blend.
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