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Pls mummies and doctors in the house, abeg help me ooo! My baby is not even up to 3wks yet and hubby as started running after my skinny body that's as not even recovered yet from c/s... Pls what can I do to make him stop all this, cos I still feel some pains down the c/s area and my pee would stop in pain,all this he knows o! And he keeps telling me "I know how to do it, it won't pain u pls now"...
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Alice Ben
I'm seven months plus still haven't done anything cs too. Though we can play Sha my hubby says till 1yr b4 we can start. Though I caused it I wasn't always in the mode each he wants it
Adunni Ade
Thanks everyone for ur advice. Love u all
Alice Ben pls don't take things for granted, 7 months is too much o not even 1 year, don't let hubby go elsewhere you guys can use protection
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