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pls my people is it true that ladies that are not so tall can't give birth virginally cos they biologically have narrow pelvic especially if the baby is big? I'm 35weeks+,my Doc said he'll advice i go for elective CS anytime after 38 weeks but before my due date cos my baby is weighing 3.4kg already and because I'm not so tall, my pelvic is narrow. i have nothing against CS but does he mean to say i can't give birth to a child virginally? I'm a FTM
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Dawodu Shukurat Olasunbo
I will advice you go to general hospital ,private hospital are always like that
Mummy Jaaziel
@okikiolababy, olrit sis, I'll do so..... thanks
Dawodu Shukurat Olasunbo
You are welcome
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