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Goodeveing mums and docs in the building, hmmmmm I haff come again o with my question and I seriously do need answers pls cos me sef can not phathom it any longer oooooo. Okay o back to my questions Dearie's, pls WHY IS IT THAT INFECTION INCREASES DURING PREGNANCY OR WHY IT ALWAYS COMES BACK IMMEDIATELY ONE IS PREGNANT COS I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT IT COUNT LESS TIMES AND I DON'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND O. And e no dey pass STAPHYLOCOCCUS, CANDIDA plus the itching no be here o, UTI (urinary tract infection) even when u knw u are clean b4 pregnancy. Somebody help me cos I don't knw how to put the English in words again. Explain
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Rita Nneoma Uchenna
@feyi1, tnx dear
Mummy David, lactacyd ryt? Hope no side effect
Glory Sunday
Well as a pregnant woman. Extra hygiene is needed, such as washing the toilet before use with disinfectants, wash ur self with clean water after urinating of excreting with normal water- with out soap, spray pants under sun or iron it. Then your spouse has to practice hygiene too cos he can transfer it. Consult a doctor to be treated u n ur husband. Ok
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