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Pls my baby have been relaxing on my right hand side since God knows when o, and its rili making me uncomfortable especially if I lay on my right hand side, it cause me little pain at the top of my stomach atyms. Any one with similar wahala, advice on what to do needed. Am FOUR MONTHS GONE.
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Rita Nneoma Uchenna
Tnx mummies of life, I appreciate
Ibiwari Kingsley Amadi
Precious I don't think d side the baby stays determine d sex of the child, cos my first baby was always hiting on my right side, and I gave birth to a boy..
Omo Nosa
@Precious, I was told if you lay on your right side all through your pregnancy, you will have a boy while the left is a girl. It worked for a woman twice that was looking for a male child. But I don't know how that works because the y chromosome is male and x is female.
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