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Good morning Dr /Mums in d house. My 6months ñ 3weeks baby boy poop alot since he clock 3monts. He poop most times immediately he finished eating. Both breastmilk ñ food. I have changed his milk several times still no avail. He now poop in d middle of d night since 2days now! Have been going to the hospital like say now food I dey go buy from market.. Pls help me " I'm really tired ñ I'm really worried so badly ...God bless you all.
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As for the stomach have u deworm him?
Well, I believed d boy is teething n doctor's doesn't believe in teething. Get him amoxyl n flagyl syrup 5mls 3 times daily. And maintain good personal when handling his stuff. Also check ur intake....go to Alagbo n buy him teething soap. Best of luck
@Agnes, yes I have... Thanks @all... Really appreciate it.
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