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Good morning mummys , Nurses and Doctors in the house. My baby boy will be 1month old by tomorrow, l am doing exclusive breast feeding but my worry is that he doesn't sleep well in the day except he is suckling and sometimes he suckles throughout the night. I don't know if to continue with exclusive breastfeeding or to add water and see if he can be calm. Please l need your suggestions, help a sister pleas!
Breast Feeding
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Mom Diamond
My dear same thing happened to my baby too, she won't sleep except to suck day and night and she wasn't gaining weight as expected until I introduced formula so if you notice please introduce formula o, it's not all babies that accepts EBF
Jane Dike
@Sesede26027, thanks dear, l planning towards that.
Ojerinde Toluwani
@Tinadyke, buy abidec multivitamin he will eat well give him 0.3ml daily.
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