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Good day docs and mums! My period returned a month after I put to bed though I'm doing EBF(I wonder why).. But d cycle has totally changed! I can see my period twice a month. E.g. I saw my period 4th-7th April. This morning I saw my period again?! Hope its normal... Who is going through same??
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Tricia Arthur
I also did a scan I think at 2weeks cos I saw a blod clot after tying my tummy...I was told there's no retained product of conception. Should I still go for a scan to check if there's blood in my womb? @judith
Judith Imonisan
I will suggest you go for a scan that is the only way the inside of the womb will be seen and the doctor will know what best to do. Goodluck.
Tricia Arthur
OK! Thanks a lot
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