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Pls mothers I need help. My 11wks old boy has refused to sleep. I mean all afternoon he is awake. My mum said he is no longer satisfied wt breast milk. I Ve tried my best, I eat well n my breast flows well. I put him to breast he will suck till sleeps off but wen u keep him u won't even count up to 15 he is awake. I don't rest again, I'm ving head ache pls help wt any suggestion.
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Blessing S. Olanisebe
As Liyah said, express your milk to check the volume. If its not much, pls try formula.
Am in support of liyah my baby dont sleep much in the afternoon since he was born and he weigh very well some even call him orobo and he is on exclusive. He only sleep in the afternoon wen i carry him and wake up wen i lie he down, sleep is nature.
Lol u guys its not about feeding well.. Baby's change with time.. My daughter was doing same thing till she switched to night time... Some babies re just fussy and love the mother's warmth.. Its not about breast milk..
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