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Good day all. Please I need help. My son is a month and a week old. I just noticed he is finding it very difficult to poo for almost a day now. He has been stretching and crying. What can I do to help him?
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If u Ave palm kernel oil...use it in his anus ...He ll poo
Victoria George
That stretching could be as a result of colic which most infants experience. Nothing can be done as his intestines are trying to be set in the right positions. It causes babies slot of discomfort. But will completely ease off when they reach three months. About pooing, there's nothing to worry about. It's completely normal for some infants to pass through this stage when they are more than three weeks. If he is urinating, it's an indication that he is fine. You can begin to worry if...
Victoria George
After four days he hasn't pooped, then a teaspoon of orange juice should do the trick.
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