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Dear Doctor, I am 9 months old. Please tell my mummy I am gradually losing my hair edges.Dearest Baby Girl, I am sorry about. I will help you school your Momma about traction alopecia (a form of hair loss) According to Wikipedia, "Traction alopecia is a form of alopecia, or gradual hair loss, caused primarily by pulling force being applied to the hair. This commonly results from the sufferer frequently wearing their hair in a particularly tight ponytail, pigtails, or braids."This condition is growing concern among children that wear tight braids and ponytails. A lot of mothers love to glam up their baby girls and it is a good thing but it can end up in disaster.
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Adeola Omowunmi Adegebo
@Weyinmi23253, pls Dr. Can u describe how to do d cornrow
Dr Weyinmi Orighoye
@Adeola24209, Cornrows are normal weaving.
Adeola Omowunmi Adegebo
@Weyinmi23253, OK Thank you ma
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