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For Mothers who requested this. The part of your baby's head that looks like it's breathing is called a soft spot or medically called a fontanelle. A baby's skull is not fully closed during the period of development and during birth, it moulds so that the head can pass through the birth canal. A baby has two soft spots: the top of the head (anterior fontanelle) which closes around 12-18 months and is more visible to mothers. The posterior you which is at the back of the head but not so visible and closes up around 8 weeks. So please it is not abnormal and it's not a disease. If anything is wrong with it, a health professional will look at it and let you know. Don't tamper with it and don't try manipulating it.I hope this helps us all. Fret Not!
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Dr Weyinmi Orighoye
@Odukoya25947, I just saw you asking the essence of silver bird. It is actually Eucalyptus oil and it's a very good oil especially for the respiratory system. For babies, it can be used as for inhalation during catarrh. It opens the airways. It's also good for hair growth. It aids injury healing despite pepperish feel. You can not do with it
Sylvia Akaninyene Ekong
Pls my baby is 2month and 3weeks but the back fonanelle is still not worried
MaryamKyk Olarongbe Abd'hakeem
Weldone Dr. Pls how can I use silver bird to treat nose blockage in my baby? I av bn doin steaming wt silver bird n it hasn't stop. Any other way to use it pls
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