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Good day mum's nd Doctors, pls I'm 31wks today. Is it good to take lipton instead of milo just to ensure my baby doesn't go fat o? I notice d weight of my bump is increasing nd my appetite increased too. I'm curious, pls I need help cos it's my first pregnancy..
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Ezinne Ogechi
@Osezele, okay ma'am. Thnks
I was told in my antenatal dat babies weight is basically by gene. Dat u shld eat well in order not to hv under weight baby. D key is eating healthy and moderately, Lipton has caffeine so No for dat' den for milo is ok so long as is in moderation. Mnwhle what is ur baby weighing now, datz what u shld consider before cuting down on ur food ok
Mandu Bassey
Lipton contains caffeine which z not good for ur baby, Milo z good
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