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Good evening mum's and doctors, my boy of 5weeks is having dis tummy bite they say is normal after navel falls. It comes and goes but last night he was so fussy nd couldn't sleep. A nurse suggested I give 0.3ml of Calpol infant suspension (instead of 2.5ml being d dose for 2months babies) , I read d leaflet and found out it has paracetamol nd also not to be used for babies less than 2months. I'm just confused, I'v tried gripe water but it didn't work. Which other drugs can I use pls help a FTM. God bless u all
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Flora Ola
U can as well use coconut water... Just open and give him d water to drink it helps too
Mrs Smith
Infacol shekana
Grays U
This may sound funny but it has worked for me on my two babies so far n I plan to repeat it on dis one. Wen I give birth n my babies start fusing unto colic, I remove my blouse n place their bare tummy on my own tummy skin to skin n they will sleep peacefully. I don't administer anything. This has really worked for me so far though.
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