Excellent Grade International Schools

FCT, Abuja

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The quality of teaching in Excellent Grade International Schools is exceptional. Our teachers are trained periodically by both national and international consultants who expose them to the best practices as far as teaching and learning are concerned. In 2014, one of our teachers won the Most Resourceful Teacher Award in the FCT by PURD Consulting.

Coupled with the above, the pupils/students are fully engaged in the club activities where they practicalize what has been taught in the classroom. Through this, a lot of achievements have been recorded. It is worthy of note that during our last annual Science Fair, some of our students came up with striking innovations, some of which are Solar Cooker and Solar Car. These are currently being developed to solve human problems in that regard. 

Our Information Technology Department has also become a priority because the world is and will be driven by ICT. We groom our pupils/students to compete with their counterparts in any part of the world. It is only in Excellent Grade International Schools that pupils/students are equipped with ICT skills ranging from Graphic Design, Computer Programming and Engineering, Media Production, Network Engineering, to other ICT skills. We are committed to making them highly knowledgeable in this regard irrespective of the career they will be choosing in the future. This has fetched a lot of our accolades from MICROSOFT, USA among many other international organizations.

Our Sporting facilities are second to none. We understand that sporting as an integral part of education also helps in the physical development of children. Our Swimming team is unequalled; our Football and Basketball teams are doing great.

Our school is also known for having a sustained and enduring Feeding program. We make sure that our pupils/students are well taken care of while at school. Our pupils/students irrespective of their class get healthy meals as Breakfast and Lunch on daily basis. This also affords their parents freedom to mind their businesses while the school takes care of their children.

Plot 148B Gado Nasko Road, near Ignobis Hotel Phase 4, Kubwa, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.
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