Exquisite Bakery & Catering Confectionery

Gwagwalada, Abuja

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Exquisite Bakery and Confectionery business is a catering, bakery business with the aim to offer its entire product at a relatively competitive price to meet the demand of all. Our major product is cake making and general pastry product used in every occasion and event. Exquisite Bakery and Confectionery has the ability not to only stay open but become successful in all its pastry products. We specialize in visually attractive cup cake, birthday cake,wedding cake and general anniversary cake that can be used to mark any event. Other product of exquisite include doughnut,spring roll,salmosa, sausage roll,meat pie,cookies,pinwheel,short bread biscuit, that can both be taken as house hold snacks and in offices break lunch. Catering school and event management services are part of the service rendered. Exquisite Catering and Confectionery objective is to serve our community and environment with the finest high quality baked foods in general pastry and an unequal service delivery that will give a thrilling experience on the faces of our users through our creative way of cake shape formulations. Exquisite Bakery and Confectionery intends to become a house hold name known for quality product and services. This we hope to achieve through our dedicated consistent quality baked goods and service delivery system that our customers can easily have access to both at the shops or at the comfort of their home through the use of our home and office delivery services.
Plot 23, Custom Layout, Phase 3, Phase 3,, Gwagwalada, Abuja, Nigeria.
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