TeenCoders, Abuja

Abuja Municipal, Abuja
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In 2013, TeenCoders started with private schools by first developing a coding curriculum for primary and secondary schools. TeenCoders have written books on coding. Presently, 56 PRIVATE schools in Rivers State have subscribed for the coding classes, with a total of 1,358 pupils. TeenCoders have trained more than 50 teachers on coding. 

In TeenCoders, the mission is to build skills needed for the digital future. 
Pupils (Primary 1-6) in the Coding classes have created: Mobile Apps for smart devices, 2D & 3D Educational Games for Desktop and Microsoft X-Box machines, 3D Animation of concepts in Mathematics, English, Basic Science etc. Students (JSS1-SSS3) have created School Websites, Desktop Software and Result Management Softwares for their schools.

F.C.T, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria.
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