The Limi Hospital

FCT, Abuja

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Founded in 1982, the limi hospital has evolved into the private healthcare institution it is today as a result of her focus on care quality, care precision, patient-centred multispecialty care and a commitment to consistent improvement. We are driven by our vision to become and remain the leading world-class, patient-centred, multi-specialty hospital group working with appropriate innovative technology and driven by Godly principles. At our core, our guiding values which give us focus and decision clarity include: 1. Empathy, 2. Excellence, 3. Efficiency, 4.Effectiveness, 5. Enthusiasm and 6. Obsessive Attention to Details. The aforementioned underlying strategy has seen Limi Hospital grow, and build on her existing core competencies while developing and expanding our service offerings to increase their scope, accessibility and patient-centeredness. The Limi Hospital has set out to re-define healthcare provision in Nigeria with an emphasis on the ‘care component’ of instituting therapies, and beyond therapy, to include health promotion and disease prevention as an integral part of our unique approach.
Plot 1847,Constitution Avenue, Behind ICPC/NDIC, Lee Moses Iseko Street Central Business District, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.
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