Tiggy Winklers School

FCT, Abuja
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Our mission is to provide an enjoyable educational environment for pre-school/primary school age children. Tiggy Winklers School is designed as a haven for learning and discovery; suitably equipped with a wide range of educational books, toys and other teaching aids. We are dedicated to following the child’s need for exploration, discovery and harnessing of their full intellectual potential.

The goal at Tiggy Winklers School is to instill in the child a sense of discovery and awareness as opposed to mere surface learning. We provide a happy environment, specifically prepared to support and enhance a child’s natural development. In the nursery section, we aim to support the intellectual development of the child through Language Development, Arithmetic, Sensory Awareness and early Motor Skills, Arts and Crafts, Practical Life Experiences, Nature Study and Culture. In the primary section we support their development through following the Nigerian curriculum for primary education and more. We also place great emphasis on social skills particularly respect for oneself, others and the environment. Old fashioned virtues of grace and courtesy are treated as standard.

We intend to maintain a total enrollment of not more than 12 children in each class initially to be able to maintain a high standard of individual attention.

We expect that by the time the child is old enough for secondary school, s/he would have developed socially and emotionally into an independent, secure and confident member of the community; to have reached a good standard in basic skills, with a solid acquisition of language, an understanding/use of numbers; and a full understanding about science, the world and people around.

7 Gusau Road,(War College) Gwarinpa, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.
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