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Good evening mommy's and drs, am 35 weeks pregnant and I ve been having catarrh for two weeks now.i have gone to the hospital and my Dr said I should steam my face and be taking hot tea I have done all that BT still yet the catarrh is still there and anytime I blow my nose I notice that there is some clothed blood that comes out with the mucus and I don't have any wound in the nose.. Pls oo wat else can I do.
Please you might av to go back to inform the Doctor abt the blood.
Lateef Olanrewaju
Abiodun has said it all. Again, have you tried Shea butter? Robb it inside and outside your nose and continue with the steaming. It worked for me though mine was without blood stains.
Nothing it will go after you put to birth
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