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Good afternoon mummies and doc, pls was supposed to do EBF for my baby but he started with formula due to little jaundice he has during birth. He took formula for a week before I resumed breastfeeding. But my breast milk stop flowing very well to full my baby nd he poos often. What can I do to start up my ebf nd stop d poo. We re taking cow nd gate formula and he is just 2weeks old, pls help a worried FTM. God bless u.
Breast Feeding
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@azuka, if breastmilk isn't enough then add formula cos you might be starving the child
Dr Weyinmi Orighoye
Continue breastfeeding! If you are not flowing well and give enough quantity to your baby, you may consult a lactation consultant if you can. However, some mothers complement the feeding with formula. Babies poo a lot so it's normal. Its only abnormal when it's very watery, or has mucus or blood in it.
Mrs Osanebi
OK tnk [email protected] nd Dr Weyinmi
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