Can I Take Postinor-2 While Breastfeeding?


Postinor-2 is a popular contraceptive in Nigeria. It contains a synthetic hormone known as levonorgestrel.  It is also known  as the "morning-after pill."


It is used as a fallback method of contraception if another technique has failed or unprotected sexual activity has occurred. It prevents pregnancy by delaying ovulation. 


One tablet of postinor-2 is the suggested dosage. Take a dose immediately after unprotected sexual activity for effectiveness. Ideally, within 12 hours, but no later than 72 hours (3 days).


The pill is more effective the earlier it is taken. If taken after ovulation, it inhibits the transport of sperm and thickens the cervical mucus.


Postinor-2 is ineffective for ending an already-existing pregnancy and is not safe as a regular method of contraception. Only use in dire circumstances, such as when a condom breaks or a woman misses taking birth control pills.


Is breastfeeding an effective form of contraceptive? 


Although it depends on several conditions, breastfeeding can be an effective method of contraception.


By suppressing ovulation, breastfeeding can prevent pregnancy. However, this is only true when using a method of contraception known as the Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM). The following three requirements must be satisfied to use LAM effectively:


  1. The infant must be under six months old and solely breastfed, so they must not be given any other food or liquids.
  3. Since giving birth, the woman must not have had a period.
  5. Giving your infant breastmilk every four hours throughout the day and every six hours at night.


LAM can be up to 98% effective for preventing pregnancy if all three conditions are satisfied. The effectiveness of LAM, however, declines if any of these circumstances change, such as the baby starting to receive formula or solid foods, the mother going through menstruation, or the baby not nursing as frequently. Additional contraceptive methods may be used.


It's crucial to remember that LAM is not a dependable method of contraception for everyone and that other methods can be more suitable for a person's needs and more successful than LAM.


To find the best solution for each person, exploring birth control alternatives with a healthcare professional is always a good idea.


Is it safe to use postinor-2 during breastfeeding?


There is some disagreement among medical professionals regarding the safety of using postinor-2 while nursing. Even though postinor-2 hasn't been deemed hazardous for breastfeeding mothers, it can be found in breast milk when consumed by a breastfeeding woman.


 Levonorgestrel is the primary component and is not inadvisable during nursing. Nevertheless, postinor-2 should only be used in direst circumstances and not too frequently.


To make an educated decision about their treatment options, women considering using postinor-2 while nursing should explore the potential risks and benefits with their healthcare professionals.


Side effects of using postinor-2 when breastfeeding


 The use of postinor-2 while breastfeeding can have some potential effects on the mother and the baby. Here are some of the effects that can occur when using Postinor-2 while breastfeeding:


Decreased milk supply: Levonorgestrel can cause a temporary decrease in milk production in breastfeeding mothers. This can result in less milk for the baby, leading to dehydration and malnutrition.


Change in milk composition: Using postinor-2 can also change the composition of breast milk, affecting the levels of hormones and other nutrients that the baby needs for growth and development.


Possible transfer of levonorgestrel to the baby: There is a risk that some levonorgestrel in the mother's bloodstream can transfer to the baby through breast milk. While the amount transferred is typically low, it can affect the baby's health.


Risk of side effects in the mother: The use of postinor-2 can cause side effects, including nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and headache.


To find the best solution for their particular circumstances, breastfeeding mothers should discuss the usage of emergency contraception with their healthcare professionals.


In some circumstances, a different form of contraception may be suggested to eliminate any possible hazards from postinor-2.


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