Pears wants the cutest babies in Nigeria to join its ‘Baby of the Year’ competition tagged ‘Cuteness Overload’

Does your baby make people go “awwwww” ever so often? Does s/he have people drooling and unknowingly blabbing in baby language when they enter a room? Then you should definitely sign up for the Pears ‘Baby of the Year’ competition tagged ‘Cuteness Overload’ as your baby stands a chance of winning N1million.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Pears ‘Baby of the Year’ competition and show the world how adorable your baby is. 


Here’s a step by step guide on how to enter the competition:


• Buy any 3 units from the Pears Baby range (Lotion, Oil, Cream, Powder and Jelly).

• Upload one creative picture of your baby/ward (0 - 3 years), with the products in it on the Pears website. The Pears website (www.pearsbaby.ngserves as the entry platform.

• Only one entry upload is permitted per baby. Multiple entries of the same baby will be disqualified.

• Entries are subject to an online voting phase to determine the top 500 babies with the highest likes (Links will be generated for participants to share with family and friends).

• Top 500 babies will proceed to the next round of the competition.


For enquiries and updates, please follow @pearsnigeria on social media. #PBOTY2019 #CutenessOverload #PearsBabyoftheYear #PearsNigeria



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Splendor Abimbola
I will really be glad if my baby wins this time around
Peace Boyede
Thank you Pears baby. My baby must
Love Daniel
I don't know how to participate, please put me through
Nazo Dera
Is this current? Or has it been done already?