Are you a pregnant mama in your first and second trimesters? 


We have exciting news!!!! 


Babymigo and Beacon Health are partnering to introduce an affordable way to enjoy your pregnancy journey all at a little cost. 


We came together to address critical issues you may be undergoing during your pregnancy.


From lacking a community to proper access to your health professional when need be. 


We’re excited to introduce you to PreggClass+


PreggClass+ is an antenatal expert-led community comprising of Nigeria’s top obstetrics and gynecologists, pediatricians,nurses,midwives, and nutritionists. 


You'll have 24/7 access to your medical practitioner and we also check your progress weekly.


It’ll enable us to know you're in top shape. What’s more?


  • Weekly live classes with experts including obstetricians, pediatricians, midwives, and nutritionists among others.


  • Practical sessions including baby first aid, tummy time, and diaper change tutorial.
  • Routine fitness and recreational classes.


  • 24-hour access to experts.
  • Weekly Check-ins.


  • Fatherhood & Parenting sessions for partners.
  • Companionship, Support & Networking with other mums including monthly Mums Connect event.
  • Access to pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting resources.
  • Access to exclusive events, opportunities, and discounts.


We’re not done, mama! 


For every PreggClass slot, you receive a 4D ultrasound check at Beacon Health.


 A 4D ultrasound is the latest scan technology that allows you to view your baby’s bodily movement.


For example, you get to see your baby’s heartbeat, smile, and move his/her legs.


 It also helps to detect fetal abnormalities faster to aid treatment upon delivery. A feature that the conventional 2D/3D ultrasound lacks. 


The 4D ultrasound goes for #15,000 and PreggClass goes for #10,000.


But mama, March is your month and we know how special you are. We’ve made both services into PregClass+ going for #15,000 only.


What other offer could beat this?!!


You can walk into any of the Beacon health centers nationwide for your tests.


They're located in Lagos, Akure, Ibadan, Osogbo, Ilorin, Uyo, Ogun, and Abuja. 


They also run other tests and services which include:

- 3d/4d obstetric ultrasound.

- Genotype/Blood group tests.

- STI tests (HIV, Chlamydia, Herpes, etc)

- Male and Female fertility tests.

-Scrotum ultrasound.

-Transvaginal ultrasound.

-Abdominal pelvic scans. 

- X-rays, etc. 


What are you waiting for?!!!


Click on the link to make a payment and let's journey together! 


For questions and inquiries, contact us on Whatsapp

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