Surrogacy In Nigeria: Everything You Need To Know


What’s Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an arrangement often supported by a legal agreement whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant, carry the pregnancy to due term, and give birth to a child for another person who will ultimately become the baby's parent.


The pregnancy is carried out through IVF. The fertilized egg from the source parent is inserted into the surrogate mother. Afterwards, she becomes pregnant. 


Surrogacy in Nigeria: Is it legal? 

Surrogacy is gaining traction in Nigeria. There are surrogacy agencies for individuals who require surrogacy. Various IVF centres are reported to have high achievement rates. Surrogacy is legal and well-practised by highly trained physicians. 


An entire mental assessment and various blood screening tests are required, and additionally, consent to a legitimate arrangement among every included gathering.


How can you locate a Nigerian surrogate?

Friends or family: Sometimes, you can ask a companion to be your surrogate. Because of the surprising expense of surrogacy and the complex legitimate issues about parental rights, an attempted and-tried family relationship can be less difficult to oversee.


A surrogacy office will encourage you to locate a surrogate and make courses of action. They serve as your middleman and gather any charges from you for your surrogate, such as therapeutic costs. Some Nigerian IVF facilities can enable you to locate a surrogate.


Lawful issues regarding surrogacy in Nigeria

There is no government law on surrogacy in Nigeria, so parental rights aren’t ensured after a surrogate pregnancy. To secure your rights as guardians-to-be and the privileges of the baby you want, employ a legal counsellor who works in regenerative law.


They can compose a surrogacy understanding that illuminates what everybody needs to do. This may help if legitimate issues come up after birth. It can likewise plot understandings with the pregnancy, for example, what occurs if there are twins or triplets.


Surrogacy cost in Nigeria

The cost of surrogacy in Nigeria varies in different facilities. The range for this procedure is between N1,000,000-N2,000,000 for surrogacy IVF treatment fees (Excluding the cost of drugs). Couples begin paying their office ideal from when the egg is transferred.


 The heft of the charge is paid when the surrogate ends up pregnant. Any exceptional sum is paid at the latest conveyance. A few organizations get all their expenses when pregnancy is affirmed, while an irrelevant sum is paid at egg move on the off chance that IVF comes up short.

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