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What is this topic about?

Here's what you will learn from Private group chat with Doctor Akinola

Taking care of a newborn is not an easy task, especially for first-time parents. Fears and worries are very common feelings that first-time parents experience during this period, but with time and patience, caring for a newborn becomes easy.

Issues covered by the package:

All aspects concerned with care of newborns including problems like

- Cradle cap

- Acne on baby's cheek and trunk

- Urine and stool problems

What does this package offers?

- Golden first one hour of birth

- Breastfeeding tips

- Massaging your newborn

- Giving bath to your baby

- Colic in baby

- Sleep Pattern

- Danger signs you should look out for

Other things to learn includes

- Aiding in weight gain for the newborn

- Guiding you on best newborn management practices including information on lactation and abnormalities

- Provision of a list of do's and don'ts to protect your baby from infections as well as vaccinations to take

- Suggestions on parenting do's and don'ts

What are its treatment steps?

1. Determining your requirements, goals and objectives

2. Recommending appropriate newborn care measures after assessing the condition of your newborn

3. Educating you on important newborn related topics that you need to aware of such as vaccinations, feeding practices, abnormalities

4. Resolving any queries or doubts you may have

5. Monitoring your progress and updating you on changes to make from time to time

Outcomes you can expect at the end of the programme:

- Improved body weight of the newborn

- Resolution of any health issue
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