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What is this topic about?

Family Planning / Child Spacing Methods, side effects and how to choose the right one

Here's what you will learn from Private group chat with Dr Edun

There are a number of different methods and it is important to choose one that best meets an individual’s needs and circumstances

What are the types of Family Planning Methods?

1. Hormonal

2. Barrier

3. IUD

4. Natural/ Calender/ Withdrawal method

5. Sterilization

6. Calender Method

7. Emergency methods etc

Issues covered by the package?

All aspects concerned with preventing unwanted pregnancies/ birth spacing

1. Choosing the right Child spacing methods that fit you

2. Side effects of Contraception

3. Why is it important to consider family planning

4. Where to find health centres that provide friendly and non-judgmental health care services to adolescents and young people in Nigeria.
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