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Good day mummies in the house, pls help a ftm. 1. I back my son who will b 2mths on Saturday and opened is leg at my back. Someone shouted DAT e wasn't old enough to open his legs. Is this true? And wen can I start?2. At wht month do u start teaching a male to sit, dey said it most b 4mths bcos thrirvwaust bone doesn't develop on tym. How true is this?3. I am not tall, wen bathing my baby I find it out to place my legs over d bath like our mummies do bcos my leg is not long enough, old wht can I do and how will I place my baby to bath him... I don't want him to fall. Pls help me answer these questions pls
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Oyekemi K-olarinoye
But its not a must you use the long bathing bow, you can use a round big bow you use in washing ur clothes and by that your legs will get to the base, cos that's what I use
blessing o.
@Chemmy, wow. Nice I will give it a try this evening ma. Tnx so much
Irene Ojo
With till 3month before opening his leg. Siting is 4 month
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