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Pls help, good morning doctors and mum in d house... My baby of 5mths 1week has been passing out watering stool.. On Sunday e poo 2 times although it wasn't watery. But Monday e poo 3 times and it's watery same tin Tuesday. And this morning e has poo 1.. Dunno the cause and we are on Ebf .. Dunno if it's diarrhea or teething.. Although he is still active and suck too.. But Rili dnt no wht to do
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Oyekemi K-olarinoye
@blissing o, have actually been waiting for your post since weekend cos we gave birth almost same time - August 18, and when ever I wanted to ask anything concerning my baby I always see your and follow your advice funny enough lol. Well my baby started pooing on Friday, although not watery, but frequent than before and I had to take her to the hospital on Tuesday but doctor said its ok that maybe she's just changing her system, then gave the oral which I mix in bottled water and give frequently
Oyekemi K-olarinoye
Also gave another one which I dissolve in water before giving her too, so don't worry all is well
blessing o.
@Chemmy, ah!!! Tnx alot.. I did same o, took him to d clinic and was given zinc oxide n it's too.. D doctor said e is teething... D poo is now green.. It's Rili tiring
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