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my baby will b 1month old by next week, only breast milk does not satisfy him so I added baby food (NAN 1) is it okay?
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osudo ese
Oluwadamilola Charles
Eat well for ur breastmilk to flow. I experienced the same and gave my baby nan 1 she was stooling like crazy, i changed it and got aptamil, she was vomiting like mad. I had 2 accept the fact that i aint eating well nd so i ensured i feed well. Take pap morning and night, drink alot of water, u can had soya beans 2 ur pap, take oat meal dis increases breast milk. But the most important thing, EAT. Now my milk flows well. Bye bye to formula. My baby is just 6weeks
Adekunle Mujidat Adebola Bashiru
Breast and water will satisfy d baby for 6months than nan milk
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