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Tips to introducing complimentary feeding.Reading check.Is your baby 6 months old?Is your baby able to sit up properly.Have adequate neck and head control.Shows interest in your food.If you answered yes to all this,then he/she is ready to start food.Start with single ingredient infant foods. There's no particular order or food. Foods should be smooth and porridge in consistency. Not too watery so as to meet the energy needs of the baby. E.g of foods are rice,oat cereal,yellow &orange vegetables like sweet potato,carrots.,Irish potato,pap,wheat,millet,guinea corn etc.
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Yes for babies 6-8 months. Boil and blend using the water used in cooking to get the consistency you need
Oluwatoyin Otaigho
Please chinelo how can one prepare rice and the oat you talked about.
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