Food for babies?

Anonymous Tue 29-Mar-22 07:03:23

What other can I make for a 9 month old baby that is economical yet healthy?

Faithteniola Tue 29-Mar-22 08:03:22 Add Message | Report

Pap too is a good option. Millet and maize. Oka baba like they call it.

Olaolagbemi Tue 29-Mar-22 08:03:39 Add Message | Report

Do you know wara? Like cow cheese?
We call it wara in yourba. When you've boiled it, it's good to go. Serve your baby wara

Annaomoriegbe Tue 29-Mar-22 07:03:11 Add Message | Report

Hello mama, try Soft fruits like bananas. If it's hard, it has to be boiled till it's soft and mashed up.

Mariawilliams Tue 29-Mar-22 07:03:46 Add Message | Report

Youghuts and milk are a good option too mama. Good Morning

Kinsmorris Tue 29-Mar-22 07:03:55 Add Message | Report

Hi mama, have you tried making oats? Usually a baby can eat oat when they are 9 months old.

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